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My friend is still fighting for her life

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My friend is still fighting to recover.


I am so glad to hear that your beautiful twins are recovering and thriving.

My friend, Alicia Cole was the victim of a hospital error that nearly cost her her life.  She has a pile of medical bills that add up to well over $1 million.  She contracted Necrotizing Fasciitis during a routine medical procedure which she was undergoing in the hopes of someday becoming a mother.  Now, a year and a half later she is still fighting to recover from the devastating results of the flesh-eating bacteria that ate her flesh accross her midsection.  Alicia is a beautiful woman who made her living as an actress.  Now she has difficulty walking and hasn't worked since her ordeal began. 

You can learn more about her story by visiting any one of her websites:


Thank you for your efforts to put an end these devastating mistakes,

Sandra Alvarado


Quaid Discusses Medical Mistakes

Quaid spoke at the HIMSS09 this year. Read this article of the discussion and speech that Dennis gave as a keynote speaker.

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Important Messsage

Our experience has shown that medication errors can and do occur at hospitals throughout the country, even the best ones like Cedars-Sinai. В We now want to work with hospitals to help support their efforts to eliminate medication errors.

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